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Located on the Western Yucatan, looking toward the Gulf of Mexico sits the town of Campeche. Currently a virtually unknown destination to the world of global tourism, featuring more that 80 miles of mangrove coast, hundreds of creeks, and numerous channels, making the region Mexico’s most prolific baby tarpon fishery. Campeche has been off the beaten path and gets as many tourists in one year as Cancun gets in a month. With flats style sight fishing for high numbers of festy tarpon in the 5 to 40 pound class and a wonderfully quaint town with Mayan and Spanish history, Campeche is now the ultimate venue for avid tarpon anglers.

The town of Campeche has a population of 380,000 and because of its rich Mayan culture and Spanish conquest influence it has been labeled a UNESCO world heritage site. Three blocks in from the bay the 17th century colonial city was constructed, now downtown, behind stone walls built to protect it from pirates attacks and it has been well preserved.


How to get here

flying from North America

Merida Airport (MID)

United Airlines serving through Houston (IAH)
American Airlines serving through Dallas (DFW), Miami (MIA)
Aeromexico serving through Miami (MIA)

Cancun Airport

Most airlines serve this airport

flying from anywhere else

Campeche Airport (MID)

Aeromexico serving through Mexioco City (MEX)
Interjet serving through Mexico City (MEX)

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Airport Shuttle Rides duration to Campeche Hotel

1:50 hr

From Merida

5:00 hr

From Cancun

10:00 min

From Campeche

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