About Tarpon Town Anglers

Tarpon Town Anglers is a local owned and operated fully licensed outfitter company. We started to share our knowledge of the Reserve of Los Petenes in the western Yucatan and its tarpon population with the fly fishing community since 2002. Our goal of making fishing trips a whole travel and leisure experience is based on the opportunity to stroll a colonial city and its delightful sightseeing and dining after a great day on the water catching tarpon.

Tarpon Town Anglers is based in the Magnificent city of Campeche and the fishing grounds are well known as The Tarpon Coast, Tarpon Route, Bahia del Sabalo and other names.


Been exposed through magazines like Florida Sportfishing Magazine, Fly Fishing in Saltwaters, BTT Journal and fishing shows like the Fly Fishing Show, International Sportsmen Expo, Western Canadian Fly Fishing Show in different cities of North America.


Tarpon Town Anglers have been visited by some celebrities like Lefty Kreh, Gary Loomis, Brian O'Keefe, Meredith McCord, Alex Woodsum, Gary Merriman, Jan Maizler to mention some.


Our Programs are offered throughout the many booking agencies in the Flyfishing Industry and also through partner fly shops or independent guides all over US and Canada.


Referrals can be found in Oregon, Denver, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Rhode Island, Calgary and Toronto, among others.

All of our travel & fishing programs are offered by some agencies equally as if booked directly with us. Feel free to inquiry for contacts or referrals of your convenience.

We can accommodate groups of up to 6 anglers or 8 upon request and non-fishing companions are welcome covering a surcharge.

If you want immediate assistance booking your trip, please email Raul to [email protected]

Call or text, whatsapp +521 981 133 2135 (dial as is From USA and Canada).

Thanks for visiting and we hope to fish with you soon.

Our guides

The guides team is comprised of three native fishermen with an outstanding ability to read the water, find fish and pole the boats. They have fished the area for more than twenty years. Some of them speak basic fishing English, others just enough to communicate during the fishing hours, but you can expect their best effort in setting you in lots of action.

A normal day runs for 8 or 9 hours. Depending how the fishing productivity goes along the day, we could explore the chance to split the next day in two to fish half morning half evening and maximize the chances under low light of dawn and dusk. Guides also determine their fishing strategy according to weather & tide conditions which have a big impact in finding fish.

We can proudly say that Tarpon Town Anglers guides are full time commited to our company’s goals and clients since the very beginning of our operations.

Juan «Chino«, Fernando «Camarón«, Roberto «Micro» are willing to get you into some of their hot spots.

Tight lines.

Our boats

At Tarpon Town Anglers we do care about comfort. We  have 23 and 21 ft pangas set up for flyfishing with ample casting decks, flat flooring, 2 rod tubes on each side, Yetti Coolers, and cushioned seats for  two anglers. 

All the pangas are fixed with tiller engines which we try to renovate every 3 or 4 years. This last update at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019. 

Because we do care about safety, we have operated without any major incidents and/or motor failure in all these years, we also carry onboard a first aid kit, overflowed number of life vests, fire extinguisher, cell phone and VHF marine portable radio, SPOT SATELLITE LOCATOR DEVICES or SATELLITE PHONE. We also  provide a limited insurance coverage and all Federal Fishing Licensing and Marine Park fees.


Transportation provided in our travel programs may occupy different transportation features. Count on that all of the rides are backed up in case of assistance needed and we do assign vehicles according to the number of people per arrival and also take distance to airport/hotel in consideration to make it more comfortable for all.

We serve the nearby airports: Campeche (CPE), Merida (MID), Cancun (CUN), Ciudad del Carmen (CME).

We have two drivers, Victor and Cesar for small groups or indivuals; for some arrivals we are required to have an airport licensed vehicle so we hire the most reliable shuttle companies in the airport slots for our private transfers.

Our fleet includes any of these cars: Hyundai Elantra, Honda Oddisey, Ford F150 truck, Honda Hiace passengers, Chevrolet Suburban, Nissan Sentra.

Your hosts

Tarpon Town Anglers started as a dream that turned into an entrepreneurship.

I’m Raul Castaneda (born 1973), native from Campeche, and I have enjoyed shore fishing since I was able to walk, with my dad. We spend many sundays of my childhood handlining the shore and beach for snapper, snook and even tarpon. Introduced in 1988 to sportsfishing by Dr. Pablo Mex who came back to town after his Orthopedic degree in Northern Mexico and had a boat to fish the bay of Campeche, I realized that there was some potential to become a sport fisherman. After getting my background in Computing & Engineering done and some years working in the engineering field , got back to the water to spin fish and learned flycasting from a local friend, then some years later, I found myself around the years 2000 and 2001 gathering together a group of my softball teamates who were native commercial fishermen in early 2000 and had told me about tarpon presence in the mangrove. 

The Dream started after an Ecotouring Company attempt that provided us some outdoor logistics skills. So me, Juan, and often Fernando joining us, fished the mangrove 52 weeks, mapping and monitoring areas with fish ( and with no fish too) no matter what weather conditions were. We found out that even with a 104 rows in our data table and cross referenced to tides, winds, temperature and salinity of the water, we still could not find any coincidence for the «Best Time to go Fishing for Tarpon«. 

A beer toast triggered what I call the key of our company’s spirit. 

No matter what you catch as long as you have a great day in the water. If you catch a fish its a plus, if you catch many, is because you fished with Tarpon Town Anglers.

Got married to Laura, also from Campeche and she has been a solid core to follow up our goals. She took care of bookings and boat preparation for many years before Jr showed up. What a pleasure to have someone like her in the Company.

When you come to visit and fish with us, our team is committed to provide the greatest experience to all anglers, from novice to skillfull.

Looking forward for great days in and out of the water.

Sincerely, your friend