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The guides team is comprised of four native fishermen with an outstanding ability to read the water, find fish and pole the boats. They have fished the area for more than twenty years. Some of them speak English, others don’t, but you can expect them to give you their best effort in finding you lots of action.

They usually fish up to 9-hours per day. Depending how the fishing is they can also split the day, if there is more activity during evening hours, they’ll fish 4-hours in the morning with the first light and 4-hours in the evening with the last light of the day. They adapt their day to the weather conditions as the weather has a high impact on tarpon behaviour.


Boats: They have four 23’ pangas with new and well mantained  50, 60 hp and 75 hp Yamaha and Honda outboard motors. Two anglers per guide ration in the panga. . All the pangas are fixed with flat floors, casting deck, two poles, cooler, first aid kit, two chairs, life vests, fire extinguisher, cell phone and VHF marine portable radio, SPOT SATELLITE LOCATOR DEVICES, SATELLITE PHONE UPON REQUEST limited insurance coverage and all federal and tourism licenses.